4C Media: The Only Helpful Marketing Tool for Dazzling Jewelry photography

4C Media: The Only Helpful Marketing Tool for Dazzling Jewelry photography

Accessories are the key to look stunning and just different from others. The best accessory that you can have in your wardrobe is Jewelry. These days there is ‘n’ number of pieces of jewelry available at many online and offline stores that are attracting more than half of the population of women to wear it on various occasions to look remarkable and gorgeous than ever. The promotion and sales of your jewellery are only effective when it is perfectly photographed and displayed. One such company that understands the concern of every jewellery maker is 4C Media, owned by Andy Moquin who has dedicated himself to all the jewelers who wants to make their jewellery business successful.

Jewellery photography is not an easy task to perform as there are many hurdles to cross while focusing it. That’s why 4C Media is there for every jeweler providing the best jewellery marketing tool to impress and move your customer and become the prominent leader in the market. Light box photography for jewelry is one of the best techniques used to focus the jewellery completely and this company uses the same.

Their unique skill set includes merchandising, gemology, custom jewelry design, Goldsmithing, marketing & advertising, web development, videography, graphic design, jewelry photography, and much more. 3 great services provided by 4C Media for jewelers are:

· Gem 360° – website animation. It provides you with beautiful quality 360 degree animations using real-life photography for use on your website, Facebook Fan Page, and email marketing.

· Gem Cast – broad cast quality video. It provides their customers with the Cinematic-quality video for use in hi-def commercials & advertising.

· Gem Wiz – teach and sell. It is an amazing app that helps in selling more diamonds and engagement rings while impressing your customers.

The founder of 4C Media has over 20 years of experience in retail jewelry store management and wholesale jewelry manufacturing. They understand that how difficult it is to take the right picture of your jewellery in this competitive landscape that’s why they are here to help you to showcase your jewelry in the perfect way. Their mission is very simple at 4CMedia and that is to help you sell more jewellery using amazing marketing tools provided by the company. It is very important to have best camera for jewelry photography and for this you can use DSLR camera to get the best focus of your piece of jewellery. The service called as Gem 360 provided by 4C Media to the jewelers allow their customers to see your jewelry for all of its beauty and the prices starts at just $29 per ring. Hence, the service is inexpensive, high-quality, and fast!

For further information, visit http://www.4cmediasolutions.com/



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