Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home)

Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home)

Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2010 XL Recordings Ltd.



Gessy Sala says:

una colonna sonora della vita

Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home)?

Nephania Black says:

I remember one of the first times I actually watched Adele live was when
she played I think at the Grammys, in front of obviously many legends,
among them sir Paul McCartney. She sang one of her songs just dressing a
very simple black dress and her hair and make-up were actually also very
simple. She had no complex movements or staging, nor any special visuals
around her or dancers. Just her singing a song. By the time she finished,
everyone at the crowd stood up and clapped for a long time, and then the
camera made a close-up on Paul McCartney rising up and clapping like a
little kid himself, along with the rest of the crowd, smiling, cheering at
her. At that moment I thought: “So, Paul fucking McCartney, composer and
founder of The fucking Beatles, is an Adele fan. Wow, That’s a talented
woman there. Not the American superstars with all that marketing and super
stages and all their exotic outfits, and their bodies being exposed in an
excessive way. Not them. Here, on this stage, this is a true legend on the
making”. ?

LittleLocoCoco says:

Another singer who will destroy their voice with smoking :(?

JRosa 48 says:

I love you and your music. – from another “ginger” – i get you 100%. My
husband and I have been married 15 years. We now have a daughter 20 and a
son 13. Almost 21 and 14 – We were high school sweethearts and had our
daughter young. Then we spent a few years apart – almost 4 years – before
we married and we can both relate so much to this song from the time we
were apart and dated others, even though we are happily married and love
each other madly still…this song brings bake memories and make us BOTH
cry….If we hadnt gotten back together I would have sang this song to him!
Love you dear!
ps – I’ll be 40 this year! and I look back and know it was meant to be.?

d mac says:

Such a powerful song.The pianist absolutely nailed it. I would love to know
his thoughts the first time he heard it.?

Ra. M. says:

This is my favorite version of this song, definitely.?

jetit says:

I said the same thing..with the Smoking…Loco not good at all.?

Debby McCloud says:

The first time that I heard Adele sing her voice and words resonated within
Each and every song it was though the words were unfolding what I was
personally experiencing at the time. Now when I hear those songs it is like
replaying the last chapter that is now closed. A small part of the many
journey’s we experience in life and love. ?

sothavuth bank says:

Y still has Unlike a lot, even she sing beautiful like that!!?

harry ware says:

how i can download this video??

Diana shakay Garcia says:

Bellas canciones, bella ella, saludos?

Andy Agyekum says:

Does anyone else like this more than the original version!?

Dinara Parker says:

Adele is the most famous and great singer in the world?

sue finch says:

_If You Have Never Seen This Performance You Must!!!!! _
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Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2010 XL Recordings
“Someone Like You” by Adele (AmazonMP3 • iTunes)

Kelsey A says:

Check out my version!?


Pode estar bem batido, mas não canso de escutar essa música.
Acho que quando algumas músicas vão de encontro com momentos da sua vida,
você tende e se identificar mais.?

Yan Pohan says:

Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home):

Erica Jackson says:

this is my favorite?

avril mckinley says:

Adele and Sam Smith please do a collaboration! :D ?

neldabg . says:

Yaaasss Adele. The closest thing I’ve ever had to love are crushes, so this
whole song doesn’t tell my entire story of ex-crushes, but just as a small
part of love is the crush stage, a small part of the song resonates with me.

*Never mind, I’ll find someone like you*
Even if you know that there are other guys out there, no two people are
exactly alike, and in your crushing phase, all that matters is the crush
right now. Therefore, you temporarily dismiss the fact that you’ll find Mr.
Right someday.
*I wish nothing but the best for you, too*
Unless you’re a horrible person, you’ll wish for the best for your crush.
Honestly, if you wish otherwise, I’d say it’s a good thing he never became
your bf. Just last week, I found out that one of my side crushes (who was
rising in the ranks btw) had a gf, and while, yes, there’s was a little
sadness, I didn’t feel resentment or true jealousy at all. Like Adele, I
thought along the lines of, *Guess she gave you things I [couldn’t ever]
give to you.* It’s odd, but it really does feel good in a way to see that
someone you liked found true happiness. A small bit of you may still wish
to have been the one, but it’s one of the loveliest things in the world to
see two perfectly aligned souls happy together (I confess to being guilty
of couple watching). You always liked your crush’s smile anyways, and his
smile just happens to be brightest when he’s with someone else. You finally
accept that perhaps your soul was only partially aligned with a crush’s
soul, and perhaps the attraction you felt was only the rush or admiration
exuding from your soul when it discovered another soul that it felt partial
alignment with.
*DON’T forget me, I beg, I remember you said*
*Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts* *instead*
*Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts* *instead*
It’s selfish, but you may not want a crush to forget you (unless something
horribly embarrassing happened or he turned out to have a butthole
personality). He’s always going to be on your long list of ex-crushes,
always a memory from your journey to true love (or content singlesness), so
you would like him to remember you f?o?r?e?v?e?r? for at least a few years.?

Cynthia Gannon says:

This is by far the BEST recording of “Someone Like You” EVER. I adore Adele
and I believe she is best live. No matter where. Royal Albert Hall was to
die for. She did a radio show also and it was awesome. I also think “Amos
Lee and the Civil Wars” should be her band ALWAYS.?

????? ??????? says:


Emmaline Wright says:

i cannot believe that it has been almost 4 years?

Eunsu Moon says:

She is absolutely amazing!?

Launna Krivousov says:

If you wish to be in peace for a few moments ? watch this video!!! :-)))

#soundsofsunday ?

moaed alsamrai says:

i love you adeleeeeeeeeeeeee?

OMG Its Scary says:

I guess the 6001 dislike were from DEAF people…LONG LIVE ADELE?

sosong s says:

Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home):

Sherrie LeShell says:

Love this song ?

ALKIS Aiv says:

You are a legend!!!You have to remember this …!

Greece love you ADELE !!?

Pontus Olsson says:

I want to marry this girl. What an amazing voice she has. ?

Julie M says:

well this is something i learnerd vey sad :C?

zack42187 says:
goddammit! i was hoping for 25 to be released before the end of the year :(?

Maximilian Imaging says:


Tara Milner says:

Love her- just LOVE this woman. She sings like an angel and is truly
beautiful. ?

pat p says:

nobody makes nobody here?

Hicham sidiali says:

I love you so much adele I want to stay and I love you?

Wendy Hernandez Colin says:

Adele – Someone Like You (Live in Her Home):

bagus anugrah halim says:

islamic ortodoc never die.. wea are vidio?

iTviX123 says:

The black guys beard is so swaggy?

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