Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

WANT A SHIRT? – http://www.cafepress.com/frecklestudios — Wait until after the awesome hand-jig and be amazed. Now comes with blurriness AND the moment nea…



Keyser Soeze says:

to anyone who reads this comment in 2020 who is president of the amercia
and who won the last football world cup and have the Chinese taken over yet
from Jordan in the past (2014) ps hello future me?

Timothy Cousineau says:

she just gave me the finger! *shakes fists angrily*?

Melmel Chan says:

I see her hair on 3:12-3:13?

James says:

Hes flipped us off so many damn times,it doesnt even make any sense what so
one,he almost gave us a double finger (not the sex move the finger) and if
theres anything ive ever learned from flipping people off would be from
either slapping then flipping or pulling out teh bird and then blast some
caps in Aunt Jermimah’s syrup.?

Jå??mêñ F says:

Have you guys seen this!??

BashSmash101 says:

I wonder how many attempts this took?

Wassim Ferras says:


Lica Studios says:

Es ist bestimmt schwer, die Bewegungen schnell und richtig mit den Fingern
und Händen zu machen ;)?

David Kant says:

This was the antecedent to cup songs ?

Deathstroke101 says:

That was amazing!! I was mesmerized during the whole thing. I love daft
punk, ive never seen anything like this. Awesome?

lps cat lover says:

Woah that was so incredible!!!! :O?

Davon Marotta says:

Thought this was amazing, must’ve taken a ton of tries. Job well done.?

DaceGiga says:

Awwshit, I’d like to see a finger tut tribute to this. :D?

HugoElcabezas says:

3 Horas escuchandola y no me canso! :O?

Jack Duce says:

Wouldn’t be surprised if some girl in middle school made this.?

Casius Vantra says:

If done a specific way, one could simply learn sign language by doing this?

Bri Shephard Shephard says:

That is so awsome?

Yash Chauhan says:

Quality videos and the old days of YouTube, this takes me back :)?

Nick Duncan says:

What THE FUCK!??

yumipon FabyFTW says:

Oh-My-God!!!! You’re a genius! I love this video! ????

Brad Wood says:

Still watching this yeaaaaaars later. ?

Enriquegg says:

Back when daft punk was good and not the piece of shit of today?

Lila Altman says:

Dude… OMG :D?

kasey chen says:

I watched this 5 times to realize that she fliped the middle fingers?

ItsAnEditingThing101 says:

AWESOME! I would never be able to do this.. ?????????????

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