Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

Download NOW on iTunes: http://bit.ly/SHMsavetheworld The new single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ is OUT NOW! Click here to listen http://smarturl.it/DYWC UNTIL N…



WolfInThePack AJ says:

Please don’t argue whether dogs or cats are better, let’s just agree that
both can be good and bad in different areas, (side note) humans business is
not animal business, they could care less. The only reason dogs help is
because they are trained and grow some bonds with humans, if cats were
trained, they could help just as much. Just enjoy this amazing video and
let it be.?

AngelOfLight - The Biggest Fan Of Need For Speed Underground 2 says:

dog in backwards results: God :) and it is said that man’s best friend is
the dog!?

Andrew Tran says:

This video shows you that digs are more usefull than cats..?

Jess Harvey says:

I adore how when the golden retriever pushed the man into the bus stop and
just sat and watched him as if saying “Hey bro, u alive, if u r, im going
to smash yo face into that seat! Dude? darn, I wanted to smash his face
into the seat! oh well! Next time!” then walks off?

orgxiii4ever says:

As a dog person, I always tear up when I watch this video <3?

ME6 says:

have an awesome day everyone!
????? ????? ??? ????!

Haitakaz says:

I love John Martin’s voice in both this song and Don’t You Worry Child! :3?

Livolu Productions says:

;( I miss my pup I’m crying a river is any one esle crying so much they
could make a new ocean called dogs and then make a state called dog and the
flag could be themed dog mafia and every thing was free that’s my dream to
this song :”(?

??yss? ? ???c? says:

Wait so this song is about dogs saving the world.Hmmmmmm…..

Kenneth Edwards says:

Great song but I hate the vid?

Noah Westman says:

Anyone else kinda wondering how saving the world for the guy who got car
jacked involved destroying his car.?

Jah Vie says:

Why did you guys stop, you’re amazing!?

MegaChickenPunch says:

Well i would just beat those dogs to death with a baseball bat if they
attacked me.?

Buizel TV says:

It’s 2015 and this still awesome!!! ?

Nakino Gasai says:

Pause 3:25 XD?

Bruno Lahass dos santos says:

2015 tomorowland Brazil yeahhh! e eu só do Brasil?

iSolarthe2nd says:

Stupid dogs got the nice black man’s car destroyed. Some help they are. ?

Sunbathe Ah says:

I hate this overplayed generic garbage. But I love dogs and it was a
surprise that there we’re dogs in this It made me like it a little. ?

ToxicAlien says:

Can I be both a cat and a dog person at the same time? Cuz I’ve owned both
and they got along just fine?

Ambria Bernard says:

there so cute and lie all of them and there heros?

Charizard says:

Still my favorite song.?

Varun Sekar says:

very goooooooooooooooooooood?

Animateyourgame says:

Does anyone else think of Kollektivet’s “A Hit Song to Save The World” when
you listen? xD?

Frankie Fratus says:

The Dogs…save the World…fantastico videoclip,fantastica canzone e
fantastica gang di meravigliosi cani contro vere bestie a due zampe.?

PythoniX3 says:

Watching this again, I feel like this is the best music video that ever

“Demons” by Imagine Dragons comes next!?

Marilydia Mita says:

In my 20 year old life I have lived with a PitBull from my birth till 7
years old. Then for 11 years with a griffon canis, and now a Yorkshire
Terrier. I’ve lived with all kinds of dogs and sizes and all I can say,
when a dog loves you it will always protect you no matter the size of it.
<3 <3?

kilzone17 says:

The more people know, the more I admire my dog?

Gestosa António says:

Another one to +Anna Aida ?

Jalal Bouchiba says:

Amazing song tho . Always smillig when I see it

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